Maakfabriek Antwerp

The Maakfabriek, part of the Blikfabriek in Antwerp, primarily focuses on sharing resources, spaces, and tools. Currently, about 70 makers have built their own studio spaces in the large central hall of the former can factory. Various machines are centrally located and available to everyone. This creates an interesting dynamic where different groups of makers, from professionals to amateurs, exchange knowledge and experience, leading to spontaneous new collaborations. By connecting with other cultural partners through rentals and events, diverse cross-pollinations arise, and a broader cultural program grows from the bottom up. For example, the Maakfabriek itself organizes an informal craft café with a concert every Thursday.

Maakleerplek Leuven

The Maakleerplek in Leuven has a diverse group of users and a mix of practices, ranging from more accessible activities like a Repair Hub and a sewing club to more specialized workshops on analog photography or a high-tech lab that brings together Leuven residents and experts to address various urban challenges in circular and sustainable innovation.

Timelab Ghent

Timelab in Ghent was one of the first Maker Spaces in Belgium. Over time, their practice has evolved significantly into an alternative expertise center focusing on projects related to ecological sustainability, circularity, water and energy, bio-based materials, and urban diversity. Their operation gathers expertise from various fields and sees interdisciplinary collaboration as a necessary impetus for transformation. As an expertise center, Timelab also develops methods to set up projects based on participation and interdisciplinarity, serving as inspiration and a working model for other institutions.

Following these initial informal visits, Crafting Futures will delve deeper into these places with the aim of better valorizing their transformative power and potential.